Born in Germany and reborn in Ireland Annie Bloch eavesdropped her eyes and ears in experimental venues, jazz bars, classical concert rooms, collecting bits and pieces for her own collage. She is trained as a classical organist, but her songwriting derived outside any school. Zig-zagging her way through the Faroe Islands, San Francisco and Montreal, she keeps looking for new faces and feelings that all find their way into her lyrics and sound. Annie Bloch enjoys being the audience as much as being on stage. With her strange charming German-Irish accent, she takes everyone into her in-between-world. Her intimate and honest songs let her audience - eyes closed or open - see the world through her eyes for a while.




In Between
Album (2014) recorded in Diepholz and Osnabrück, Germany . mixed and mastered by Moritz Esche . available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify .. hard copies can be ordered through:
NEW ALBUM - out now! available here and on most online streaming and download platforms